word press: lessons learnt

I had dipped my toes into wordpress Content management System (CMS) before but for CRE-8 I have gone into selecting a theme and making sure it was a bit more mobile friendly.

My conclusion is that wordpress is a great tool. Being able edit conent online and having a version control system which you can roll back to history is great. What follows are some of the lessons I learnt about doing a CMS.

  • If you are hosting it you will need to keep atop of the server updates such as the PHP updates. Most popular server hosts will promptly alert you if needed.
  • When copying and pasting content to be careful as the font and other typsetting features will be copied. This is good for section headers and such but can be a bit of a pain if you copy the font as well: you might end up with non-uniform looking website.
  • Themes and plugins are great but there is so many options it is difficult to choose. My rule of thumb is that if I want a feature rich theme or plugin I will look to those that have more reviews and users. But If I just want a simple toold I will look for either the most recently modified or do some web search in order to find the right tool for the jub with minimal overheads.
  • Companies sometimes just want some static content. They will edit it once every blue moon and even though it is a CMS with what you see is what you get text editors it can be a bit daughting to relearn where you have to click to edit. Especially if new themes are used. Hence even if you give your costumer a review of how to do these you will probably get repeat business. So might as well give them all the information you can, so that they remember you!

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A Community Interest

C4AD was registered as a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital Community Interest Company (CIC). In short: not for profit and asset locked. The company's activities will provide benefit to those living in the South West London area and beyond with the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. STEM needs Arts to be successful so at C4AD S.T.E.A.M. is promoted: the aim is to demystify STEAM. The company is no more, but the activities continue as a free time activity!