These are the locations where you can reach me.

Registered address in Teddington. Community address in Ham. And business address in Kingston.

This gives me a perfect opportunity to talk about a job. There is a small wood land called Petersham Common Woods. They are managed by a community group that needed to have their trees documented i.e. tagged. They found that software developed for this task tagging and geolocation in a map. Is normally proprietary and only makes sense for large forests. The cost is also prohibitive with a yearly licence fee.

The alternative I offered was to use Open street Maps. They could either keep the tagged trees with their geolocation on a local computer or to avoid the Bus Scenario* they could upload it to the open street map servers. The latter is very useful to provide long life to the project.

So what I did was write some documentation so that we could have a process in place in order to do this. This is now hosted in the OSM and I encourage anybody that like woodlands and local comunity to help out! Looking after woodlands is a joint effort.

*By Bus Scenario I mean what happens when the owner of a project or the person who keeps all in their mind is suddenly hit by a bus (or something just as unlikely).

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A Community Interest

C4AD was registered as a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital Community Interest Company (CIC). In short: not for profit and asset locked. The company's activities will provide benefit to those living in the South West London area and beyond with the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. STEM needs Arts to be successful so at C4AD S.T.E.A.M. is promoted: the aim is to demystify STEAM. The company is no more, but the activities continue as a free time activity!