EU 2020 proposals

What follows is a review done for EU project manager Rocio Barros for EU H2020 similar projects. This was simply a demonstration of interest on proposals following up from informal conversations with partners. It is meant to show how local companies, individuals and not for profits can contribute to R&D.

Work Programme - Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

Topic: LC-CLA-04-2018

Partners: SWLEN

Idea: South west London is represented by the Thames and is the last point where the tides affect the river. There are many historical buildings that could be affected such as Richmond Bridge, Ham House,…

Topic CE-SC5-02-2018

Partners: SWLEN, interactual, puzzlephone, restart project

Related topics: CE-SC5-06-2018, CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020, CE-SC5-08-2018-2019-2020

Idea: New mobile phones with modular design would help with the circular economy.

Topic SC5-13-2018

Partners: SWLEN, RHP

Work Programme - Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Topic DT-NMBP-01-2018

Partners: Innteractual Ltd, Canbury Works Ltd, 4Delta, Hampton Thermodynamics LtD, TruthfulData LtD

Related Topics: DT-NMBP-03-2019, DT-NMBP-05-2020, DT-NMBP-07-2018, DT-NMBP-11-2020, DT-FoF-01-2018, DT-FoF-06-2019, DT-FoF-07-2020, DT-NMBP-20-2018

Idea: Canbury Works is a co-working space that focuses on helping hardware start ups going from TRL3 to TRL6. It provides access to a small workshop. The idea is to enhance the workshop space with facilities for high end equipment, procedures and know how. And support apprentice that will work in many different companies.

Topic DT-NMBP-08-2019

Partners: TruthfulData Ltd

Related topics: DT-NMBP-12-2019, LC-NMBP-28-2020, LC-NMBP-32-2019

Idea: Design a better work flow procedure for operators to improve on distinguishing artefacts from features. 3D printing data sets to enable easier recognition of features for example. Add Industry 4.0 technologies

Topic DT-NMBP-09-2018

Partners: Hampton ThermoDynamics LtD., TruthfulDataLtd

Related Topics: DT-NMBP-10-2019

Topic DT-FoF-02-2018

Partners: Innteractual Ltd.

Related Topics: DT-FoF-05-2019, DT-FoF-07-2020, DT-FoF-09-2020, DT-FoF-11-2020, DT-NMBP-20-2018, CE-SPIRE-01-2020, CE-SPIRE-02-2018

Idea: Much research is done for large factories but the most of the factories in EU are and will more likely continue to be small short production lines (modular) with less than 20 staff and very long value chains formed by many different companies with specific know how. Industry 4.0 and Human centred design will need to adapt to this reality.

Topic NMBP-33-2018

Partners: Canbury Works

Related Topics LC-EeB-01-2019, SC5-20-2019,

Idea: Canbury workis is based in the site where the old Sopwith bi-plane were built. It is fitting that it can be transformed to a working space for the new challenges of this generation.

Topic LC-EeB-03-2019

Partners: Richmond Housing Partnership

Related Projects: LC-EeB-05-2019-20, LC-EeB-06-2018-20

Idea: New buildings are developed. RHP push the boundaries for better social living. Enabling Makerspaces/Hackspaces within the estate to help residents

Work Programme - Clean Secure and efficient energy

Topic: LC-SC3-EE-2-2018-2019

Partners: RHP

Related topics: LC-SC3-EE-4-2019-2020, LC-SC3-EE-5-2018-2019-2020, LC-SC3-EE-11-2018-2019-2020, LC-SC3-RES-4-2018, LC-SC3-RES-6-2018

Idea: Richmond Housing Partnership is a Not for Profit Housing company that helps residents by providing residents with high quality homes with affordable prices.

Topic: LC-SC3-EE-7-2020

Partners: TruthfulData Ltd

Idea: We have experience in studying Thermoelectric Materials and devices

Topic LC-SC3-EE-13-2018-2020

Partners: Florian, André

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Idea: Smart contracts going through the electrical, removing middle seller

Topic LC-SC3-RES-1-2018

Partners TruthfulData Ltd

Idea: We have experience in studying Thermoelectric Materials and devices as well as organic and inorganic photovoltaics

Topic LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020

Partners: Richmond Council

Topic LC-SC3-EC-1-2018-2019-2020

Partners: South West Environmental Network, RHP

Related Topics: LC-SC3-EC-2-2018-2019-2020, LC-SC3-EC-3-2018-2019-2020, LC-SC3-ES-3-2019-2020, LC-SC3-CC-1-2018-2019-2020

Idea: This region has worked with a “smart community” initiative with high participation on energy efficiency and has done movements on low carbon zone. But have happen some time ago. A new activity with a higher participation and innovative initiatives can be done with high success.

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A Community Interest Company

C4AD was registered as a Private company limited by guarantee without share capital Community Interest Company (CIC). In short: not for profit and asset locked. The company's activities will provide benefit to those living in the South West London area and beyond with the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. STEM needs Arts to be successful so at C4AD S.T.E.A.M. is promoted: the aim is to demystify STEAM.